Discount, Cigaretteman, Piebald, Cave-In, My Pal Trigger

Discount, Cigaretteman, Piebald, Cave-In, My Pal Trigger

Vero Women’s Club, Vero Beach, FL • 12.31.97

Yep, Assück had to cancel. They were missed, but the show went strong without them. My Pal Trigger (Tampa) started the show out. They’ve incorporated ex-Cinder folks into the band and their sound has begun leaning more and more towards the intelligent emo side of things, while retaining the right pop-punk bits. A more intriguing beast, yet still catchy and good. Cave-In (MA) followed with a filthy guitar sound, whiplash changes, screams, and dark textures. Just when I’d start nodding along the rhythms would sidestep. Harsh, tricky stuff. Piebald (MA) embraced us with heartwarming, melodic emo that falls nearby the Promise Ring and Braid, but yet very different from either. Old and new stuff was played with equal passion. They rock and are so fun to watch live, not just for the Bon Jovi cover. Undoubtedly one of my favorites. Cigaretteman (Japan) delivered a tight, punchy, energetic set of Berkeley-ish pop-punk with male/female vocals that fits well alongside Discount, as their cover of “Stale Laughter Fake Smile Soup” evidenced. The crowd went nuts for these guys even though they have very little out domestically, so that says something for their live first impression. A great band.

Shortly after this show, Discount would be moving to Gainesville so members could continue their schooling. So yeah, the crowd went nuts. Lots of crazy dancing and massive singalongs with old and new favorites played (including “Kill Everything”), all in that Berkeley-ish pop-punk vein (J Church, Crimpshrine, Jawbreaker, Tilt, etc.). Midnight rang and “Disappointed” was played. More crazy dancing along with confetti. A black eye from a falling shoulder for me. An amazing show from five diverse yet equally amazing bands. Clean up must have been hell, though.

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