19 Airwave Apes

19 Airwave Apes

• The American Tourister luggage ape — a creature who’s almost as hard on your luggage as real baggage handlers.

• Monkees’ “trained chimp” Peter Tork

• Chim-Chim of Speed Racer

• Gleek the purple monkey from Superfriends

• Blip, the masked monkey of the original Space Ghost series

• Gloop, Penny of Lost In Space‘s large craniumed monkey-alien

Lance Link, Secret Chimp

• Bear, B.J.’s best friend!

• All of Tarzan‘s monkeys, in all their forms, particularly Cheetah. Congawah!

• The apes of Gilligan’s Island who somehow always seem to be getting a hold of explosives, keeping the castaways on their toes.

Curious George — Nothing beats the books!

• Marcel the monkey. He raised the ratings and outshined the combined talent of the cast of Friends. (Not that that‘s a real feat!)

• Mr. Stubbs — Toby Tyler’s monkey on the Wonderful World of Disney — had one of the all-time greatest near death scenes. “Please don’t die, Mr. Stubbs! (pout)”

Quantum Leap had an episode where Sam leaped into the body of a chimp, exploiting Scott Bakula’s already apish demeanor.

• Bingo, the six foot orange monkey drummer for psychedelic rock group the Banana Splits

The Little Rascals frequently featured a rattish, Outbreak-lookin’ monkey that would get the Gang into all kinds of mischief. Those damn Little Rascals!

Grape Ape, the Hanna-Barbera gigantic purple ape whose vocabulary consisted entirely of the words “Grape Ape.”

Magilla Gorilla, another Hanna-Barbera classic, the perennial resident of Mr. Peebles’ pet shop.

• Igoo, giant “rock ape” with super strength on The Herculoids.

• Monkey, subject of many of Dexter’s experiments on Dexter’s Laboratory, who also has a secret identity as the super-heroic secret agent, umm, “Monkey.” n

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