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From The Publisher


Once again, apologies out on Jennifer Winston, who must feel like there’s some strange conspiracy against her here at Ink Nineteen Central. This time, a strange confluence of factors kept her Busy Girl column from running in our South Florida edition — or anywhere. We apologize not only to Jennifer but to all those who contributed to the column or were looking forward to it. We hope that this is the last time Jennifer’s name is seen in this space…

Production Poltergeists

As of this writing, there have been a series of complications that might prevent this paper from making its intended printing deadline. I’m not sure why I mention it here, but this column is the last thing left to do and the impending missed deadline is heavy on my mind. Technology — does it make us superior to monkeys? Can we honestly say that foraging for tasty pulpfruit is any more of an ordeal than troubleshooting a recalcitrant RIP?

The matter is not that simple. This ordeal will have its rewards — for about three weeks. Then it’s back to the process of creation. I think that’s what makes setbacks like this bearable, the fact that all those steps forward and back will somehow add up to a magazine, however ephemeral. In some manner, the aggregated work of all the people who work towards putting Ink Nineteen together ends up being appreciated by more people than those people could hope to reach individually, and that’s our modern pulpfruit. The technology we use to get there is somewhat reminiscent of a rickety stepladder.

We’ve had a couple of slips but have yet to fall to the ground. Most of the magazine is done and awaiting conversion from its current magnetic state into something that gets trucked around in semis, vans, car trunks, hand trucks… There’s a lot of steps remaining, a lot of places where something could go wrong. The phone is ringing.

Something just did. Gotta go.

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