Model 250 Preamp/Overdrive

Model 250 Preamp/Overdrive

TEC4 BassTec


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DOD has been busy designing new products for all you guitarists out there. Beginning with a product designed for the grunge artist in all of us comes the model 250 Preamp/Overdrive ($89.95), a reissue of the original stompbox released in 1973. Housed in the same bright yellow metal chasis with its familiar “military-grade” footswitch, this pedal is as bomb-proof as it gets! An exercise in simplicity, the 250 has only two large knobs, one for volume and the other for tone. Hail the return of a classic!

DOD has also recently released two new full-featured, multi-effects floor pedals. First is the TEC4 BassTec ($189.95), a bass guitar preamp/processor pedal board featuring 30 factory presets including a Noise Gate, three band EQ, Auto Swell, Pitch Shifter, Ring Modulator, Reverb and Multi-Tap Delay. One really cool new effect is the “pixellator,” which is a digital undersampler designed to degrade the signal (this should be popular for all of you working in industrial, techno and rap). Another unique feature is something called “psychobass,” which puts an amplitude envelope on phasers and flangers to create a bass-synthesizer type effect. The Tec4 also offers 30 user-definable presets for making and storing your own custom effects.

And finally, from the same TEC family of processors, comes the TEC8G ($299.95) floor-controlled multi-effects processor. The TEC8G is a follow up product to the TEC8 with the difference being the addition of a “grunge” circuit that emulates the sound of your favorite cabinets. The TEC8G includes an Expression Controller pedal with a slightly right-angled skew designed to be more ergonomically playable. The unit also includes a “jam-along-jack” that allows you to play along with a CD or cassette. The TEC8G comes with a full compliment of sound effects including some interesting ones like Analog Wah, Pixellator, and Grind Distortion. DOD, 8760 Sandy Parkway, Sandy, Utah 84070; Tel: 801-566-8800, Fax: 801-566-7005

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