In some ways, Acetone has really changed since their Vernon Yard debut Cindy. Filled with big, psychedelic-inspired rock, that was a loud, pushy album that filled the room and the space in your head with great hooks.

Then came the band’s EP I Guess I Would. A 180 degree turn in style, Acetone’s sound was now one of blissful psychedelic waves slowed down and synched up with an old school country feel. Whether it was too many drugs or too much time spent listening to Mazzy Star, the Velvet Underground, and Low, Acetone turned down the amps and extended the atmosphere.

The best part: it was a delightful change that few bands could accomplish. Fast forward through a similar album and a label change and pow, we wind up with their newest album, self-titled to throw off the new fans. Ironically enough, Acetone might have been better suited for their new Neil Young label during their early days. No matter, Acetone is a wonderfully mellow album that Vapor has done well to encourage.

From the opening hook of “Every Kiss,” it’s evident that this is a well-crafted album. Dusty, suited for a smoke of something and a bottle of whiskey, this music stays engaging despite its mellowness. Acetone’s power lies in their subtlety and the art of true song sculpting. It’s a beautiful blend that is demonstrated not only in the music, but through the quiet harmonies and the wafting hooks as well. This might be a quiet album, but one that is far from boring. Vapor Records, 2644 30th St., Santa Monica, CA 90405;

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