Against All Authority

Against All Authority

All Fall Down


At first I didn’t care for this too much. I don’t know exactly what my problem was. I think AAA’s debut Destroy What Destroys You is one of the best, snottiest, catchiest ska-punk records ever. I don’t know why it took a couple listens for their second album to grow on me. But it did. And I’m now of the opinion that it easily blows their debut away. The songs are better developed, the horn playing is so much better, the recording is better, the lyrics are more easily discernible — the songs are just better. All the piss & vinegar lyrics and abrasive ska-punk fury remains intact, just more focused. The ska parts are smoother and better executed as well. File this as further proof that AAA is one of the best ska-punk bands around. See them live! Hopeless Records, P.O. Box 7495, Van Nuys, CA 91409-7495

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