Transaction de Novo 1998

Trance Syndicate

It’s getting late. Very late. Each glance at the clock makes the smell of stale beer on the carpeting more prominent. The cab dispatcher in the unit three doors down will start complaining shortly. Still, as exhausted as every member in the band is, there’s something compelling them to play on. The new guy is working out great, and there’s a subtle electric charge surging through everyone. The down-tempo nature of what you’re playing is due more to lack of stamina than habit. Eyelids are drooping, your shoulder is sore from having that instrument strapped on for so long, yet nobody seems to want to be the one who stops first…

Bedhead’s sound is not exactly new — their minimalist style of playing has seen several resurgences since it was first doled out by the Velvet Underground (think “She’s My Best Friend,” or most of Loaded. Or the Cowboy Junkies. Or Low). However, its simple constraints allow little room for distinction or originality, which makes the existence of a band of Bedhead’s talents all the more rare. Transaction de Novo 1998 is nine songs that whiz by in a time shorter than their relaxed, measured tempo would indicate. It’s difficult to say whether this is any better than their (fortunately plentiful) previous records — to my ears, the band has distinguished itself not only for their individuality, but their consistency. If I’ve talked you into going out to find this, you should also investigate the American Analog Set (also on Trance Syndicate)… tune in, bliss out. Trance Syndicate, P.O. Box 49771, Austin, TX 78765

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