Novelty Forever

Fat Wreck Chords

Bracket is like having two huge clouds of cotton candy at the fair. Your taste for it increases incredibly after the first strand melts on your tongue. You can feel the sweetness shriveling your mouth for some time afterwards… yet the next day, you have no idea what it was about the taste of caramelized sugar that made you eat that shit.

Step right up, because Bracket is like that. Warm and fuzzy guitar bass and drums, often growing large while staying graceful, are layered over with heavenly three-part pop harmonies. They’re obviously a bit too much pop for the punk side and too punk for the pop side, and the songs sound like well-frayed themes from Sesame Street. Here’s to novelty! Too sweet forever! Fat Wreck Chords, P.O. Box 460144, San Francisco, CA 94146

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