Rat Tat Tat


I would like to take a moment to take back some earlier comments on a review of Butterglory’s last album. They have not, in fact, run out of ideas. Their finest work is not behind them. I do not think that adding a bassist was a bad idea. OK, with that aside all I really need to say here is that Butterglory are now seemingly focusing their collective attention to rhythms. When a band learns how to play their instruments together (and when I say this, I mean that the band had no idea how to play their instruments on their first single but improved with each release), the fact that they aren’t playing anything different or much better than anything else doesn’t seem to matter. Butterglory learned how to play their instruments as a group rather than as individuals, and thus sound like… the Feelies and early Yo La Tengo. Well, not really. Oh man, this is starting to sound like a book report. Merge Records, Box 1235, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

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