At first I’m reminded of Dream Theatre. That’s because Cellophane’s song intros rock hard, and then slow down to let the vocalist catch up. Something I don’t dig one bit. Then I realized they’re really a Led Zeppelin cover band singing the songs of Soundgarden — “Down” is “Stairway to Heaven” reworked. I guess it yielded some interesting notes…

Cellophane is one of the most schizophrenic bands I’ve heard. For most of the record, I had to endure slow, mediocre self-pain ballads like “”Ride Thy Neighbor,” “I’m So Glad You Came,” and “Home” (that reminded me of terrible late-1990’s “alternative” radio), and then they come back with an almost metal “Tamarack Tree.” Then it’s back to the mediocre, simulated heroin with “Standing In The Storm.” If you’re into what’s been the bane of pop music for the last six years, this is for you.

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