Nuclear Blast

Passion and atmosphere were definitely important to this band when they wrote this album. They wanted to do something different than pound out your usual Goth/death metal album and they did it. The vocals go between death and clean vocals, which always creates an interesting effect, while keyboards are also an important part in this group. This was proved by producing the album with as much emphasis on the keyboards as the guitars. This really adds the extra kick to the atmosphere of the music, whereas some groups will just stick keyboards in the background and not really do anything significant with them. Despite my labeling of “metal band” the band branches out on songs like “Temple of Love” which makes you wonder if these guys would go to sleep with Sisters of Mercy on their headset. Overall, the band did a super job on this album; if the described style appeals to you then you won’t be disappointed. Check out the first two tracks and the track “Crematory.” For that matter, if this style doesn’t appeal to you, maybe this album will change your mind after you listen to the appeal of the all-keyboard, choral track “Mirror.” Nuclear Blast America, P.O. Box 15877, Tampa 33684-0877;

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