Instinctive Traveler

Exil/Blue Jackel

In the Rocheleau future, there will be transporters that take you from place to place, instantaneously. Methinks my friend Dave Rocheleau has seen too much Star Trek, but should his vision comes true, the soundtrack will be similar to Dissidenten. Mixing sound sources without concern of their origins, Dissidenten produce a kind of slow dance soul that borrows heavily from about every culture you might care to identify. Masterminded by three Germans (it would appear), this record credits a couple dozen folks, with the appropriate geographical assortment of last names, as being on Instinctive Traveler.

Yes, but does it work? For the most part. Sounds and rhythms work well together, but perhaps that’s not so good a thing — everything seems to be hand-picked to not deviate too far from some overall effect the band is looking for. This tends to glaze the sound sources with anonymity. Conversely, it’s pretty interesting at times, and when the details work, they work surprisingly well — like “Lobster Song,” an Afro-Calypso that features slide guitar and an occasional shuffling “Soul Man” guitar riff. Blue Jackel Entertainment, 322 Hicksville Rd, Bethpage, NY 11714; bluejackel@earthlink.net

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