Drop Acid and Listen to This!!

Drop Acid and Listen to This!!

Various Artists

Knitting Factory Works

Well, don’t let the cover deter you, as the disc is spot-on. A series of abstract textures that seem to flow with remarkable continuity into a aggregate that not only is a good background CD for a none-too-rousing game of Scrabble (or more ideally, Trivial Pursuit), but also hint at what the Knitting Factory and the KFW (not to be confused with KFC) label are capable of, the Knit being the best venue in all of Manhattan for challenging sonics. It’s a great wide-angle representation, but they forgot to inundate us with John Zorn… The shiner is DJ Spooky’s 12-minute 35-second Remix Sistrum. The Lo Galluccio track is near intolerable, dramatic female vocals and all, and Liminal’s “Apocalyptica/Weeds” disorients with its fancy panning and subsonic rumblings. Ambient indeed. There’s even a token Japanese misunderstanding of American retro culture. Entitled “Used Go-Go” it comes off as extremely Naked City. Knitting Factory Works, 74 Leonard St., New York, NY 10013; http://www.knittingfactory.com

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