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Music For Nations

I think those who are looking for the days of Left Hand Path and Clandestine might have to keep on going when they see this one. The Entombed have a completely different style these days. The vocals are more like the harsh brand of yelling that Metallica made famous in their younger years then the death grunts we love so much. The music is metal with heavy rock roots in the foundation. I will give credit where credit is due: if you like the rock oriented side of metal, the amount of energy on this release would be tough to find in other groups.

One thing that always set the Entombed apart from the rest was their guitar sound, which was imitated a thousand times over. They still have that custom sound that screams Entombed but it has changed in its own way. The band has added a few creative twists to this album — around the second half of the album things start to get a little unusual with the song “DCLXVI” which is just a dark piano solo. The song “Parasight” was apparently meant to be a live track, while the song “Put Me Out” has an impressive Vincent Price Horror Movie feel to it. If there are any songs that might satisfy the old school fan that is sitting in his room crying while he reads this review, it would be “Just As Sad,” and “Wreckage,” which should appeal to any speedster.

In conclusion, if you can get past the changes in the group’s style you will find a interesting and quality mix of blues, rock, sludge and speed all rolled into one package. It’s not the Entombed of old, but I’ll give credit to the group for creativity they have put into their music. Music For Nations, 333 Latimer Road, London W10 6RA UK

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