Tomorrow Is Today

Carrot Top

The cool factor is definitely present on the sophomore effort by February. Their publishing company may be called “Dancy Trancy Atmospheric,” but to dismiss this band as Dream Pop/Trip Hop based on one or two cuts would short-change yourself in a woeful fashion. Let Tomorrow Is Today grow on you through multiple playings and be pleasantly surprised by the many influences of your favorites; past, present and… future? Singer Amy Turany has a nice hybrid vocal delivery mixing the Euro-dance sensibilities of Berlin’s Terri Nunn with the down-to-earth earnestness of Natalie Merchant. February owe a lot of their sound to ’80s big-hitters such as Echo and the Bunnymen and Visage, but you will also notice unmistakable influences of that decade’s music as diverse as the Cure, the Go-Go’s, Bowie and Wire. “Soundtracks” weaves a gentle, haunting guitar motif around Turany’s languid vocals that will remind some Elysian Fields’ Jennifer Charles. Likewise, “Trace,” with its slow bass groove and melancholy ringing guitar bridge could be a massive modern rock hit. For February, today could be their day. Carrot Top Records, 935 W. Chestnut, Suite LL15, Chicago, IL 60622

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