Funker Vogt/Decoded Feedback

Funker Vogt

We Came To Kill

Decoded Feedback



Don’t be afraid by the Metropolis Records label on these CDs. They’re licensed from Zoth Ommog, and stick in the classic vein of Leather Strip and :wumpscut:. From beginning to end, Funker Vogt and Decoded Feedback provide us with gothik “ballet-ability” on the dance floor. The crowd should stream away from conversations at the bar to participate in a ritual dance.

It’s been misfortunate that Zoth Ommog releases have been import only. Thank God Metropolis Records licensed part of the Zoth Ommog catalog for those of us without a desire to spend thirty dollars on a disc. Go ahead and support the movement to destroy the elitism of DJs. These are good albums in the electro-industrial vein. Metropolis Records, P.O. Box 54307, Philadelphia, PA 19105;

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