George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars

George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars

Live and Kickin’


George Clinton is arguably one of the most influential artists in rock-n-roll. Over the years you can hear his influences throughout the rap industry, rock, and the underground. Some people think that George should stop putting out new music because it does a disservice to his past masterpieces. I kind of agree with that statement. Don’t get me wrong. I own almost every Funkadelic/Parliament record out there. It is just that it’s not the same, man. When I listen to “Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow,” or “Funkadelic,” the vibes still grab me and produce feelings of pleasure and inner peace, only this time without the use of halucinogenics. My biggest complaint about this CD is the lack of coverage of the aforementioned CD’s. Not only that, but I hate to hear musicians chant over and over, “George Clinton’s in tha hou.” Please, George. Rap ripped off you, please don’t do the same to yourself. Another thing is, once an artist quits using drugs, QUIT MAKING MUSIC!!

Now, to defend George, I understand that some bad business decisions in the past hasn’t allowed him to “cash” in on all of his music, which in turn makes him keep touring. But don’t forget what got you there: Pure Funk, Uncut Funk, Tha Bomb!! A good portion of this CD is classic P-Funk and will bring back some good memories. I just can’t get over the bad taste left in my ears after hearing those rappers chanting.

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