Shut up and Play

Double Play

Good punk rock that seems to need a bit more of a kick. The quick guitars are there and the vocals are move along, but something’s missing… First, an all-guy three-piece called Hissyfit… Never mind!

They drive hard on “Look Around,” “Shutdown,” and “Other Ways,” and “Wrapper” has promise, a lot on the lines of a minor league Bad Religion. But most of the remaining twelve songs are too slow, they’re either introduced by nearly a minute of slow a cappella nonsense or they’re just not up to speed. “Blondie” is pretty hard, though, and it shows what this band is capable of. Their vocal harmonies have plenty of promise, though, and I would hope that Hissyfit gets harder as the years go on and become the punk rock band they should be. Stay away from slow music, guys! Double-Play Records, 41 Sutter Street, Ste. 1337, San Francisco, CA 94104

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