Incurable Contact


Anyone who knows math or science would say ICOS was a three-dimensional geometric shape consisting of 20 equilateral triangles, and such… Other egghead types might even tell you ICOS was the molecular structure of a virus. But anyone who knows music would give a more practical answer: ICOS is four really cool guys from Chicago, and one `em used to play drums for John Mellencamp…

If Metallica had any tinges of funk or soul in them, they’d sound a bit like ICOS: A mix of funk, light thrash, and straight-ahead rock and roll. There’s nothing scientific or mathematical about the ICOS I care to know about, unless one wants to say the grooves (à la James Brown, “Standin’ in the Middle”) are infectious like a virus, which some of `em are… In the most mathematical sense, Contact is a collection of eleven songs, a collection of springy melodies (“Cities,” the band’s first single) spiked with gravelly vocals, and rhythms as cutting as a buzzsaw (“Firewalker”). And, obviously, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out — obviously. SlipDisc Records, 101 W. Grand, 6th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60610

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