Plane Between Two Points

Last Resort

Jug-Or-Not have always blown me away live but never really caught me recorded until now. Plane Between Two Points still doesn’t quite capture all the energy and thick, punchy sound of a live show, but it’s the best attempt so far, so I’m pretty happy with this.

Enclosed are thirteen songs that ride the fence between gritty pop-punk, power-pop-punk a la Shyster, and emotive leanings. The result of the genre crossbreeding is a quality hybrid that lands more on the emo-punk side of the fence than anywhere else, but with plenty of dirt and grit. Jug-Or-Not play with passion and energy and write songs with some non-Standard Punk Issue twists and turns. That makes a rather difficult record to describe, but an interesting one to listen to.

What it boils down to is a catchy CD filled with melancholy songs that’ll rock you as they drag your heart around. This is different, but pretty good. Recommended. And go see them live already! $8 ppd. from Jug-Or-Not, P.O. Box 1921, Orange Park, FL 32065-1921

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