Liars Club

Liars Club

Liars Club

Art to Starve By

I can hear the unmistakable influences of John Zorn, Mothers of Invention, and Mr. Bungle from beginning to end on Liars Club. Which isn’t bad. The schizophrenic nature of each are almost impossible to replicate, so it is only the feeling that has been lifted into Liars Club. After scanning the list of musicians and instruments used throughout Liars Club, I find it incomprehensible that they could all get together and record. Are you faint of heart? Got a bad sense of humor? Well this release is definitely not for you. For the rest of us who enjoy quick changes with fluidity (which is an oxymoron) based on free form something or other, it’s solid and unstoppable. Art to Starve By, 3010 Hennepin Avenue South, Suite #99, Minneapolis, MN 55408;

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