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The Last of the International Playboys

The Last of the International Playboys

Main Squeeze

Heed, o hipsters, the self-fulfilling prophecy, for the days of lounge were quickly segued by the days of swing, because active people are thirsty people, and thirsty people drink more, and the total count of days, as with all tasks human, is always numbered. Shall not the Last of the International Playboys close the page on the last new edition, a collector’s market following?

Probably not, but the Playboys do fit square in the middle of it, with a sassy blend of “Vegas Jazz and Latin Lounge” that mixes it up with the best of them. Not at all derivative, yet not at all unexpected. A solid obligatory Bond theme, down-on-my-luck smokers, a tasty sprinkling of the spicy Latin stuff, the album brims with moments, tracks that are equally danceable and listenable – and let me tell you, o hipsters – that’s not too common. Main Squeeze, 19 Essex St., New York, NY 10002

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