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Buddha and the Blessed Child

Food For Kings

South Florida’s answer to Life of Agony. The first two tracks, “Fall from Grace” and “Requiem,” are really, really heavy. No other word could describe them but “heavy.” The rest of the album seems to waver from the heavy pain and anxiety (“God Damn the World, “Louder Than Love”) to easy listening jazz to spoken word. “Friend or Foe” is primarily a Rage Against the Machine-style rant against racism, most likely Miami-style, and “Antonia” sounds like it would be quite at home on a elevator. I can appreciate the intense heaviness of the band, as Miami can be pretty darn nasty to kids who play this kind of music. It ain’t salsa, it ain’t rap. It’s as close to Brooklyn angst metal as one can get, yet it’s almost “happy” at times. No address, phone number nor e-mail address given anywhere. Try the Internet.

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