Night In Gales

Night In Gales

Towards the Twilight

Nuclear Blast

I could make this review one sentence, “it’s black metal” and some people would buy it. Hailing from Germany, Night In Gales brings you a style of black metal that is very similar to Dissection from Sweden. They have that high-pitched rasp in their vocals and the high-end guitar riffs that sets this genre apart from the other sects of metal.

This is one of the better black metal albums I’ve come across as of late. The melodies used for all the guitar riffs are absolutely fabulous and (in my opinion) are the group’s selling point. Although the song structure does not vary much from a basic formula, the melodies and crystal clear production keep you hooked. I highly recommend giving this one a listen. Nuclear Blast America, P.O. Box 15877, Tampa 33684-0877;

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