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Expecting to be taken to task… I don’t know who these folks are, but they sound like the Netherlands’ answer to Agent Orange. Their vocals, however, are too articulate for the Dutch. Maybe they studied here in the U.S. at a pro-Europe school like FIT…

Ahem! NRA are pretty punk rock, with a leaning towards the more progressive-sounding punk bands like Bullet LaVolta and Crimpshrine (with a bit more angst). Lyrically, they’re on the side of the oppressed: squatters, heroin addicts, etc. Their song “American Girl,” which takes a few jabs at oblivious yank debutantes, probably would have meant something a while ago, before debutantes plastered their walls with No Doubt posters. I mean, they ought to be protesting the EEU, because soon enough Europe is going to experience a Great Depression… NRA, do however rock big time on “In A Free Land” and “Amsterdam Surf Song,” the latter sounding to me like a good giving-the-finger to Dutch surfers (is there good surfing in the Netherlands? Delft I know about, but good surfing? Wind-surfing?) All-in-all, if you’re into the progressive, straight-edge kind of sound, check out NRA. Write `em and ask about who they are, etc. at NRA, P.O. Box 3835, 1001 AP Amsterdam, The Netherlands. OffTime Records, P.O. Box 52114, Houston, TX 77052

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