One last Look


If you’ve heard one BYO band, seriously, you have heard them all: one, two, maybe three thrash chords, faster-than-the-speed-of-light arrangements, self-referential, angst-ridden lyrics, often unintelligible I’m-going-to be-hoarse-after-this vocals that add up to good, solid aggro punk rock. Not much can be said about Pezz that can’t be said about label-mates Brand New Unit and the (far superior) Jon Cougar Concentration Camp or Pinhead Circus. Got punk if you want it, babe. Pezz stand out amongst their peers when the guitars get a bit our of hand on cuts like “The Eyes Have It” and “Starsky.” Pezz are a hard band to dislike, but you’ve probably already outgrown their music if you are over 18. Give them some points for being from Tennessee and avoiding any essence of country music altogether. BYO Records, P.O. Box 67A64, Los Angeles, CA 90067;

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