Pig Pen

Pig Pen

Bleedin’, Drinkin’ and Stinkin’

Snot Rocket

I am amazed that a band like Pig Pen has the `nads to put out a genuine underground punk rock record. I mean, this is the kind of punk rock you’d have to search for back in the mid-1980s. (You’d have to search for it because punk rock wasn’t that easy to find!)

I am immediately reminded of the Day Glo Abortions, the Pagans, and the Circle Jerks. If you’re really hip (and probably “old”) you remember the party scene in Repo Man. The one where Kevin’s house is being used for a punk rock slam party and Otto runs into Duke, who just got out of jail… In other words, Pig Pen’s music is very outsider. You don’t belong to or in society if you like real punk rock like this!

Aside from the magnificent guitar solos, ripping melodies, and vocal choruses, the songs have both an ugly bite, and as I said before, the cruel wit of the Day Glo Abortions. “Fuck Food” is about waking up with a hangover and wanting a drink, “Crack Whore Barbie” is about, good grief, that’s too harsh to print! “Dead Head Chick” is a nasty finger-pointing at hippie chicks, and it takes a bit of a dig at the late Jerry Garcia — ha! Like punk rock is supposed to! Fuck hippies! “Out of the Nest II” and “Just Like Me” have the Southern California punk sound and plenty of white suburban youth cynicism/angst (yeah, they’re southeast, I know!). Again, I’m really impressed that Pig Pen is playing the kind of music that defined punk rock for a lot of people. More power to them!

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