The first time I heard it I knew I definitely wanted to hear it again, and the next time I knew I wanted to hear it again and again. A delicately plucked guitar prepares us for the plush onslaught of layered guitars and vocal waves. The songwriting here has the polish of Jason Falkner or Jellyfish but the delivery has a rawer, more-direct punch to it, which even cuts through its Beach Boy XTC Beatle vocal/harmony styles, although their own vocals have a unique color or tint about them.

Success includes a couple of slower ballads to stomp rockers to quick quirky chord schemers a la a silky sung Costello or production-starved Jellyfish, but it’s also a bit edgier than either of those. My knowledge of Posies history is spotty at best but this one’s definitely a keeper — methinks me favorite yet. I’ll even search out their stuff I don’t know based on this one… PopLlama Products, P.O. Box 95364-2364, Seattle, WA 98145

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