Sir Millard Mulch

Sir Millard Mulch

7 Pot-Boiled Delusions


I’m not sure what it is that Sir Mulch takes in his coffee, but I’d sure like to try a spoonful. Sounding like a cross between Yes/Genesis/oddly-timed prog-rock and a Nintendo (plain-vanilla Nintendo, too) soundtrack, Sir Millard Mulch could definitely called an acquired taste. I greatly enjoy the whole uncomfortable weirdness of it and the bitterness-in-anticipation exhuded by Sir Mulch — the package is peppered with references to this cassette release’s guaranteed failure. He’s right — it’ll never be a commercial success. Songs about an orthogonal rectum, doddering patriarchs against something called “Hoth Wampa,” and the “Definition of Banana” as presented by various ethnic groups (along with four other songs) just don’t sell as much as insipid R+B these days. Too bad.

Keep these tapes from collecting dust in the Sir Millard’s Closet. 8E Entertainment, 1464 Jupiter Rd., Venice, FL 34293;

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