Slow Death in the Metronome Factory

Slow Death in the Metronome Factory

An Eclectic Compilation of New Music

World Domination

And so World Domination has redefined itself. Once the home to a stable of rock thoroughbreds like Stanford Prison Experiment, the label has refocused its energies into… well, in their own words: “Post, Rock, Intuitive, Math, Electronic — call it what you like, this is now!”

Boosterism aside, the tracks on this compilation form a wildly diverse bunch. Ranging from the rhythmic freak of Critters Buggin’ to the guitar vistas of Scenic to Sugar Plant’s minimalist space pop, this is a compilation whose only trait is its components’ uniqueness. Slow Death will give you a glimpse as to what is not being played out there that should be. Grab this one when you see it… World Domination Records, P.O. Box 8097, Universal City Station, North Hollywood, CA 90068-8097;

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