Sound in the Eighth Dimension

Sound in the Eighth Dimension

Selected Material

Eight Dimension/World Domination

A mystery worthy of a Scooby episode. The first disc of this two-disc set came out not too long ago, with similar artwork and an identical cover and name (with a track that is not on this version). This version, distributed by World Domination rather than Astralwerks, packs another CD chock fulla the Eighth Dimension groove. The set manages to be more than twice as tasty as the original, kicking off disc two with DJ BMF’s “I’m On.” a lowly rolling rhythmic expression worthy of strut, and following up with a second CD’s worth of classy material. Hey, why isn’t Q-Burns’ remix of “Satan’s Camaro” on here? World Domination Records, P.O. Box 8097, Universal City Station, North Hollywood, CA 90068-8097;

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