Street Trooper

Street Trooper

Take the Battle to the Streets

Knock Out

What we have here is a group of punks from Montreal, tired of the political and social crap which has inundated their lives. They are angry; they are pissed. Are they Communists? Are they Anarchists? Actually, their political orientation is immaterial, at least as far as this album is concerned. They just want to kick some major ass.

For example, the title song tells us “We’re in the front lines, kicking cops in a riot/ We’re in the front lines, you can’t keep us quiet/ Solidarity’s on the line, you can’t tear us apart/ The working class kids have it in the heart.” The thirteen Oi! cuts are well crafted and cleanly recorded. The lyrics, venomous and vehement, are clear and proud. This stuff will set your hair on fire. Knock Out Records, Postfach 100716, 46526 Dinslaken, Germany.

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