The Bent Scepters

The Bent Scepters

Blind Date with Destiny


Talk about having the formula for psychedelic fuzz!

The Bent Scepters play classic psychedelic music. That is, fuzzy power guitars blended with strange keyboards. Listening to the Bent Scepters’ originals like “No Way Down” and “Deep Inside My Soul” brings odd visions of unearthly Lava Lamps into my mind. I want to apply the word “evil” to the Bent Scepters simply because their vocal harmonies sound like the incubi calling out for a night’s deviltry with the daughter of Everyman…

They show a good sense of humor, too, on power-psyche songs like “Super Chimp,” “Eagle has Landau,” and “Journey to the Delstars.” I would even hazard calling the Bent Scepters a cross between Devo and the Amboy Dukes after hearing their frenzied tune “Gassed.” Honoring their fuzz-rock heroes, they cover songs by the Zombies, Humans, and the Bevis Frond. If you’re familiar with the Nuggets and Pebbles compilations (or you’re old enough to have the originals…) the Bent Scepters are exactly what you want to hear. Bizarre/Planet Records, 740 N La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038

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