The C-60s

The C-60s

The C-60s


This stuff is too smart and complex to be punk, and too punk, simple, and powerful to be art rock. A very rowdy wall of quirk are the C-60s. A powerhouse orgy of chord mazes and surging melodies — much of it straight from the veins of very early Joe Jackson (the chop and surge) and XTC (the lyrics and quirk). But not in any derivative way, it does feel like the C-60s are discovering that energy and direction for themselves. And they’re going there with all they’ve got — at least it feels that way on this disc — enough to make me definitely want to catch them live.

Matt (Self) Mahaffey’s production brings the band’s assets right to the front, seemingly sacrificing none of the energy, fun, or melodic mayhem. Bang bang bop zyoom thrash yam bam whoo! The C-60s is one of those bands you’ll want to get into from the ground up, and that is now. Spongebath Records, 101 N. Maple St., Murfreesboro, TN 37130;

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