The Del-Vikings

The Del-Vikings

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The Del-Vikings, one of the first integrated rock and roll acts, should be a household name for anyone who grew up in the 1970s with Happy Days, as recognizable as, say, the Everly Brothers. Of course, this is because their incredibly huge hit, “Come Go With Me” was played repeatedly on any 1950s nostalgia TV show, movie, and possibly occupies a track every single greatest hits of the 50’s compilation.

I really like Doo-Wop music because of its genuine rockin’ energy whenever it isn’t that friggin’ insipid crooning. So, I’m inclined to dig the Del-Vikings’ “Come Go With Me,” “I Hear Bells,” “Confession of Love,” and the novelty hit “Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” The rest of this 16-track album is loaded with nothing but love ballads, comprising most of their hits recorded on Dot Records. If you’re old enough to have parents who heard them on the radio in 1957, you might be interested in picking this up for mom and dad. Or, if you’re into “oldies,” go for it.

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