by Ariel Schrag

Slave Labor

A perfect-bound 90-page graphic novel in black and white, Definition tracks the life of a tenth-grader. Drawn by Ariel Schrag, who is now in twelfth grade, this autobiographical piece shows us, in a brutally candid way, the travails of that age as we follow our main characters’ first dalliances with sex and drugs and rock and roll. Of course, like the life of a sixteen-year-old, it’s not at all that simple, yet Schrag manages to capture a lot of those moments perfectly. If you’re not into exploring insecurities and discovering life, you should probably look elsewhere, but those interested in a sensitive (and personal!) portrayal of a pivotal period will be pleased by Definition. Slave Labor Graphics, 979 S. Bascom Ave., San Jose, CA 95128

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