King Ink II

King Ink II

by Nick Cave


This is the second collection of song lyrics, notes and sketches from Nick Cave. Albums covered include Tender Prey, The Good Son, Henry’s Dream, Let Love In, Murder Ballads, and The Boatman’s Call. There also are number of other songs and poems and a treatment for a film screenplay. Fans of Nick Cave’s music will obviously want to have this, but in my opinion the most notable piece in the book is not a lyric but an essay about his life and how he came to embrace Christianity, called “The Flesh Made Word.” It is quite possibly one of the most articulate narrations of a man’s search for artistic truth and spiritual meaning that I have ever had the pleasure to read. Those who have followed his career have undoubtedly recognized his enormous growth. In this essay, Nick Cave gives us a rare insight into one artist’s evolution. This book is worth buying for these 6 pages alone. 2.13.61 Publications, P.O. Box 1910, Los Angeles, CA 90078;

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