DIY Records Benefit Show

DIY Records Benefit Show

with Song Of Kerman, Dragbody, Community Service, Sincerely Yours, Malefactors + others

Brodie’s Warehouse, Orlando • 2.9.98

It’s a long story… The reason this show occurred was that a local talk show host has a big mouth (and his show sucks now that his unhumorous ego has gotten in the way of his common sense)… He did an advertisement for DIY Records, an Orlando record store, and referred to Oi! music as being racist, or something to that effect. Point being, some fucking retard later threw a brick through the window of DIY Records, which is a pretty damn cool store for Oi!, if you like that sort of music. I don’t, but I have enough common sense to respect others’ right to like or dislike whatever they want. To whoever threw the brick, do me a favor, come up to the next show and show me how tough you are with real people who fight back.

I was at the show to see most of the bands, but mostly Song of Kerman and Dragbody. Sorry to the rest of y’all, I’m an elitist fuck.

Song of Kerman were tight as hell, I was quite impressed with their set. I feel that they have a finely tuned mechanism at work, and are doing quite well at keeping it alive. With the local favorites Dragbody playing, no one is safe. Their blend of angry-man lyrics and skull crushing playing makes me want to kill…

Unfortunately, so does everyone else in the “pit.” It would be wise to wear a bulletproof vest when seeing them play. All in all, it was a great show, for an obvious cause.

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