From the Publisher

From The Publisher

Parade of Misses

Are we accursed? For the nth month in a row, we’ve done Jennifer Winston wrong… our sincerest apologies for once again (again!) omitting Jennifer’s Busy Girl column in the month of February. It appears in this issue’s South Florida editions, on page 29.

In a similar but unrelated incident, we completely mangled Vincent Basilicato’s wonderful piece on movie monkeys last issue, omitting a significant portion of the text in our haste to lay out the piece. You can read the essay, in its coherent entirety, online. We apologize for the confusion to both Vincent and our readers.


We’re noticing increased demand for the magazine (must be those cigarette ads), and we’re working on increasing our list of distribution points. If there’s a place near you that should carry Ink 19 but isn’t please let us know, either by calling us at 407.253.0290 or e-mailing us at

Ink 19 Gives You Cancer

Last month’s Kool ad generated a couple of questions from staff. After clarifying our position, I received a lot of interesting e-mail in response. The comments are beyond the scope of this section, but I’ll be posting a summary online for those who are interested; check the “Rant and Rave” section of the web site some time soon.

Speaking of the web site, we’re almost ready to officially open our digital doors. You can still see our work in progress in the meantime by going to… we’re adding new features almost every week, and we’re always looking for ideas and suggestions from our readers.


And finally, we’d like to thank everyone who responded to our survey in the November issue. You should start receiving your goodies direct from the labels shortly

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