Back to the 50s

Back to the 50s

A Tribute to Betty Page


Betty Page keeps coming back, each time a little less sleazy and a little more ripe for picking as a marketable icon. Fortunately, most attempts at cashing in on this subject of early porn are themselves classy, as Page herself somehow brought a sensuous intelligence to all the sleaziness. I haven’t heard of any of the artists on here (with the exception of Chris Spedding), but they all perform a consistently original variety of early rockabilly and rock and roll. With sounds that range from the Cramps to the Stray Cats to Dave Edmunds, most of these bands (especially The ’57 Incident, the Blue Devils, and Bob and the Bearcats) do a great job of setting the mood for Betty. This is a tribute in the truest sense, as it’s obvious that all of these people lust after Miss Page, and aren’t ashamed to sing about it. Real sharp packaging, too! Cleopatra Records, 8726 S. Sepulveda Boulevard, Ste. D82, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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