Camp Skin Graft

Camp Skin Graft

Now Wave Vol. 1-3

Skin Graft

Every few years, a definitive compilation album comes out that helps define true avant garde, such as the first two or three Dry Lungs comps. With so much music out there, you run a real risk puttin’ money down on something you might think is pretty “weird” or “out there,” and end up with something pretty flaky and lame. Skin Graft has what has been generally an untapped catalog of music from the past few years.

Skin Graft’s is a rogue label that’s hard to keep a steady bead on. There’s been no label-defining group where it would be easy to say, “Check this out, Skin Graft’s this kind of label… ” If any enigmatic independent label needed a compilation, it would have to be Skin Graft. Skin Graft has this one-of-a-kind spectrum of music that somehow ranges from Killdozer/Cherubs dirge psychobilly via Mount Shasta and Shorty to pure Japanese noise like Space Streakings, then on to Sun City Girls-ish art phag weirdness and yet, somehow, it’s able to hit all points in between. (Even this description may be somewhat limiting to the true nature of Skin Graft, but maybe you’ll at least get a piece of the picture.) Thirty-two different bands/tracks gives you some necessary exposure and, for the money, it’s not only a safe bet, but should be a necessity for anyone who feels the need to be “in the know.” If you’ve heard the name Skin Graft and still aren’t too sure what the skinny is, Camp Skin Graft is a solid introduction into the world of NO WAVE. Skin Graft Entertainment Group, P.O. Box 257546, Chicago, IL 60625

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