Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot

Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot

A Kooties Benefit CD


A compilation of punk, ska, and ska-punk. In typical comp style, there are tracks I love, tracks I hate, and tracks in between. Standouts for me were the ska-punk of The Honeymooners and The Modocks, the pop-punk of Shower With Goats and Mulligan Stu, the surf of the Kosmo Kramers, the punk rock of The Lexingtons, No Empathy and The Letterbombs, and the ska of The Savoys (including an amazing replication of the Mario Bros.. theme song). There are also tracks from Blackhead, Slappy, Community Service, Go For Broke, Buglite, and Ringworm. A nice mix of styles from bands both local and far away. $6 postpaid FlatBroke Productions, P.O. Box 1048, Goldenrod, FL 32733

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