Give Them Rope


First, I wanted to start this review with a few frequently asked questions, “FAQS” if you will, about the band Coalesce. These are all actual questions I have been asked.

Q: What does that weirdo name mean?

A: Funk and Wagnalls Dictionary has this to say: “To combine or to come together.” An alternate definition would be “Four guys from Kansas City who perform music to the point of actual bodily injury.”

Q: Whose body is injured?

A: Coalesce is an equal opportunity destroyer.

Q: Why are they so angry?

A: Childhood memories mixed with a lack of a positive male role model. I blame society.

Q: What is the new CD like?

A: Give Them Rope is the musical equivalent of a water park slide lined with sandpaper. The previous split with Napalm Death was only a hint of things to come, it seems Coalesce is now committed to the kind of abrasive sound that makes the old school look like a bunch of softies. Meanwhile, Coalesce steps forward with a patented approach to time changes and with guitar noises that’ll make you wonder what kind of small animals might have been injured in the making of this CD. There is a matter of redundancy to this CD, which is only annoying for the first few listens until the songs become more discernible. The opener, “Have Patience,” starts off with a musical and verbal beating directed towards bigotry. As usual, I hope this particular punch lands. Other subjects covered seem to include conformity, the death of PC mentality and anger directed towards his father. All of this directed through the kind of vocal contortions that make you wonder when this guy is coming up for air. All told, this is another quality release from Edison Records and another solid recording from that ferocious pack of Kansans, Coalesce. Edison Recordings, P. O. Box 42586, Philadelphia, PA 19101-42586

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