Dark Funeral

Dark Funeral

The Secrets of the Black Arts


A Swedish death metal band! I shall now list the names of the band members: Ahriman on guitar, Blackmoon on guitars, Equimanthorn on drums and Themgorath on vox and bass. They’ve listed their personal interests as evil doing, destruction, wearing black and being demon possessed. What ho! Sounds like fun to me!

Like their church-burning cousins in Norway, Dark Funeral have immersed themselves in Satanism. And it appears without any “nature religion” crap going alongside. No, no, they in it for the evil rather than loving mother earth. Dig these evil songs titles: “When Angles Forever Die,” “Satan’s Mayhem,” “The Dawn No More Rises” and “Shadows Over Transylvania.” And the album cover was painted by someone named Necrolord.

If your flavor of death metal is liberally washed in SATAN, Dark Funeral is going to be your cup of tea. 100% evil, with no additives.

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