Dayna Manning

Dayna Manning

Volume One


I have to admit when I got this CD and read the bio about Dayna Manning being 19 and comparing her to Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen, it went straight to the bottom of the list and stayed there for a while. Silly, silly me. What I thought was going to be an Alanis Morrisette/Fiona Apple “gee aren’t we clever singing about sex and drugs, hee-hee” project turned out to be a damn good record. Great arrangement coupled with captivating lyrics made this a real aural treat. Her songs really start to come to life with repeated listenings as the various layers of both music and lyric become more evident. I got into her voice, but many people may be put off by her unusual vocal delivery, which is more like Victoria Williams than Joni Mitchell. Trust me, it will grow on you. Now, I think comparisons to Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen are a bit premature, but Dayna Manning can stand one her own with a really fine record.

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