Definitely Not The Majors

Definitely Not The Majors

Various Artists

Bush League

Metal-influenced hardcore through and through. It starts very strong with amazing tracks from Bloodlet and Coalesce and then gradually loses my interest, with the exception of Sons of Abraham and Gehenna. I think it has more to do with my tastes rather than the quality of the comp, though, as the bands I like in this genre are pretty few and far between. Other tracks are contributed from IDK, Ascension, Backlash, Buzzkill, Nora, Pay Neuter, Earthmover, Indecision, Pacifier, As Darkness Falls, Compression, Catharsis, and Starkweather. All are new and exclusive tracks. I expect most metal-loving hardcore kids will go crazy for this. Nice layout, too. Bush League Records, P.O. Box 10165, New Brunswick, NJ 08906-9998

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