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Blaze Of Incompetence


In which Clutch meets Eyehategod at a ten-keg suburban throwdown, they drink all the shit in Pop’s off-limits liquor cabinet, double-team some skanks in the rumpus room, snort some lines off the coffee table, beat the piss out of a couple of musclehead frat guys in attendance, puke in the flowerbed, and drive home drunk in their El Caminos, knowing they’ll be spewing from both ends and bleeding from the eye sockets in the morning.

Blaze of Incompetence, like last year’s Drop Out, is a crack-addled mess of lurching, turgid riffs, hoarse vocal shouts and killer grooves. Throw in a little Fudge Tunnel-styled stress-metal (Alex Newport produced Blaze), throbbing Clutch-style jams and wild-eyed mad-bomber vokills (think a more tolerable Grief or Eyehategod), and you’ve got one sweat-stained, scabby-kneed record to hatch terrorist plots or have cheap sex to. Though a few of the songs (“Burning Sensation” for one) go nowhere and keep the record from being truly essential, tunes like the blistered “Theothixene” and the slovenly “Asian Heat” are prime goat-floatin’ scum-metal, the kind that scratches your dark underbelly till it bleeds. Evil, evil stuff. Theologian Records, P.O. Box 1070, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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