Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters

My Scientist Friends


Experimental punk rock, reminiscent of the groups such as Helmet, Cosmic Psychos, and Today is the Day, that had once recorded with AmRep and helped distinguish it as a label, but with greater pop sensibility. By the second track, what at first comes off like just another trickle-down Fugazi band plus minor shades of U2 begins to flex its individuality. Definitely not any of the “pop punk” that seems so prevalent these days, but some real underground punk that won’t leave ya feelin’ that buzz clip burn. (Not that a track like “1 Arm, 2 Legs” doesn’t have some real breakthrough potential.) F2 takes a nod from such former acts as Naked Raygun and Reagan Youth and resurrects the spirit of punk when it still had the capacity to break fresh, new, and often weird ground. In a less imperfect world than this, radio listeners would have ample opportunity to be exposed to the likes of Freedom Fighters instead of all the marrow-sucking parasites feasting on the once done. AmRep, 2645 1st Ave. S. Minneapolis, MN 55408

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