Cool’in Off [Reissue/Multimedia]

Fog City/Carpricorn

Two years after Cool’in Off‘s original release date, Carpricorn Records has signed the band and is making this true gem more widely available . Not only will you experience about an hour’s worth of hip-swayin’ acid jazzed swamp funk from the heart of New Orleans (which is quite enough to justify a purchase), but this latest version further acquaints you with the band’s music and musicians via the wonders of multimeda enhanced CD-ROM.

Once computer install is complete (oh yeah, it runs on both Mac & PC), you will find a couple audio tracks, live performance footage, music video, and band interviews. As an added bonus, a special edition of the San Francisco magazine, “On the One,” touted as a “jazzmopolitan” publication, is included.

Galactic’s audio portion alone is outstanding, but the incorporation of video makes this a recipe that will soon become a family favorite ‘n funky & spicy , I garawwwnntee! Fog City Records, 99 Carmelita Street, San Francisco, CA 94117;

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