Kevin Seconds

Kevin Seconds


Earth Music/Cargo

I not into Seven Seconds at the time they were popular (it’s one of those bands I intend to eventually investigate), so I can’t really compare Kevin Second’s solo work with the legendary band. I do know that everything I’ve heard by Seconds has been top-notch, the work of a man with a natural talent.

Stoudamire continues that tradition with a large number of tracks that feel more like revealed diary entries than something recorded with the intention of making a big deal about it. Seconds is one of the few musicians I know of who can produce an individual and recognizable style to their music without resorting to any particular instrumentation or sound. The hooks are accessible yet unique, and the lyrics are those of someone who thinks a lot about a lot of things; though I hesitate to call Stoudamire intimate, I’d have to say that it’s extremely personal, like having an interesting and deep conversation with a close friend.

Albums like Stoudamire, whose appeal is so universal that I find myself listening to them over and over despite the fact that I have about thirty other records to listen to and review, are rare but always welcome. If you can appreciate the work of a man and a guitar, you’ll definitely enjoy this. If you feel that all that man and a guitar crap sounds the same, this might change your mind. Cargo Records, 4901-906 Morena Blvd., San Diego, CA 92117-3432

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